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The glass carver, the artist, the visionary

 IMG_1460Lance Kelly

Hi, my name is Lance Kelly and I would love to share with you my artistic ability. I have created high quality, large and small architectural glass arts, metal art glass fusions, and glass art fabrication for many renowned interior designer and home remodeling companies. In addition, I have been commissioned to create one of a kind art that has been placed and seen on spike TV, music professional, UFC hall of fame awards, Tapout headquarters, libraries, sports arenas, famous restaurants, U.S. Presidents, And high end hotels. I strive to keep the true arts alive, through the creativity and design combined with today’s technologies. I give the shock and awe of artist at play with modern materials. I am Distinguished as a premier designer of real life element art by using captured photographs, artificial props. With my creativity , skill and expertise, I can translate our clients imagination into exquisite art. At Lance Kelly.com harder to grasp masterpieces is our canvas.
Nature’s way of making glass – lightning strikes and volcanic eruptions! If I were to describe my life It would include these descriptives of the last 8 years of my existence. Through the fire and ashes of A lost home came the phoenix of my renewed talent and passion for my art. To me, my art is a rare and beautiful expression carved in glass. The creation of my art is a gift – I Just see it in my head as I go along. My pieces vary in intricacy and through the skilled use of the abrasive nature of sand, detailed images Emerge displaying various depths of refraction making stunning displays of light, always different, Always changing. Each piece is unique and beautiful. When I am creating a piece, there is no other Art in existence for me, I am wholly involved in the project at hand. This practice gives me such an.
Immersion into each project that I give of my entire self at that moment in time. I am constantly creating new realities in my art, ever thinking “outside the box” and on the cutting Edge of artistic expression in other mediums as well such as metals and patinas. My visions reach Into the future with new formations and combinations of artistic materials being used in a most Startlingly unique way. I constantly operate in “fast forward” when it comes to the creation of pleasure Through art so stay tuned for a storm of new realities from the Land of Lance!